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These will go fast! We have 6 available to ship immediately.

Shannon Kay has been proud to partner with Kahles Optics by designing their industry leading SKMR reticles and we now have six K525i’s with the new SKMR4s in stock! The SKMR line of reticles was designed to be uncomplicated, practical and visually expedient for both tactical operations and the most demanding long-range competitors.

With over 20 years of operational experience and with input from across the industry, Shannon carefully conceived the SKMR reticles to immediately fill a void in the market place. Backed by Kahles Optics long history and superior glass quality, it is with little surprise that the Kahles K525i has rapidly dominated the marketplace becoming one of the most trusted scopes among top performing competitive shooters. The SKMR reticles field proven success has made it one of the most emulated reticles on the market today.

The new SKMR4 reticle is a culmination of refinements based on the extensive real-world experience of professional precision rifle shooters both in the field and on the competitive firing line. As shooters have advanced in their capabilities the SKMR4 reticle has been fine-tuned with enhanced features, making even faster and more precise shooting possible.

Two-tenths mil marks along the horizontal axis allow for more precise wind holds. The floating dot aiming point prevents the target from being obscured. Slight variations in hash marks make it easy to find your hold without having to count lines. The bold outer posts allow engagement of targets when you’re dialed to low magnification and number indexes all while maintaining a simple, uncluttered field of view.

• The distinct 0.5 MIL spacing is kept, but with the addition of 0.2 MIL spacing for greater reticle hold precision. In the SKMR3, the vertical increments were in 0.5 MILS.
• The number of Marker Bars have increased from 12 MILS to 15 MILS for longer-range capability. The windage spacing on the marker bars is kept at 0.5 MIL increments. The 1 MIL windage hash marks on the marker bars are now solid rather than hollow for better visibility.
• The windage and elevation stays the same in both the SKMR3 and SKMR4 between the 3rd and 4th MIL. The increments are in 0.1 MIL.
• The dot in the middle stays the same size at 0.035 MILS.
• Thin crosshair thickness 0.25 MIL – Subtensions remain the same between SKMR3 an SKMR4.
• The horizontal crosshair stays the same with 0.2 MIL increments and 0.1 MIL increments between the 3rd and 4th MIL.

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Иван Бързилов, СК "Динамик Армс"
CZ 85 Champion, DA-SASR-10M х2, ...

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